Facility Management

Facility Management

SFM is first and foremost a facility management provider.

Sometimes this means that our employee is the full-time, onsite facility manager for an organization. This facility manager (FM) manages all of the facility resources on behalf of the organization. Our FM is heavily backed by our team of facilities specialist which notably, includes a senior facility manager who provides quality assurance to the delivery of our unparalleled service.

As thought leaders in our industry, we also provide as-needed consulting. Sometimes this takes the form of meeting a very specific and limited need (e.g., a facility audit for an organization in Georgia); sometimes we are providing recurring oversight and/or direction.

Here is a sampling of facility management support we provide:

  • Implementation, monitoring and reporting of standard operating procedures
  • Routine facility team and facility management service review meetings
  • As-needed access to our list serve of our FM associates
  • Professional development planning, monitoring and reporting
  • Project management support
  • Vendor or service delivery cost analysis
  • Staffing volume cost analysis
  • Guidance on safety practices
  • Fixed asset inventories and planning
  • Guidance on Human Resource practices
  • Procedures for organizing and archiving records
  • Energy management
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Facility assessments and audits
  • Professional development planning and implementation

We implement these Standard Operating Procedures for clients:

  • Recurring schedules and inspections
  • Business continuity planning
  • Documenting and maintaining vital information
  • Fresh perspective inspections
  • Stakeholder tour inspections
  • Facility services surveys

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