Our contract model is unique in the cleaning industry, where the out-sourcing norm is to clean according to a pre-determined schedule and task list for an agreed lump sum (paid monthly). This traditional model is a classic win-lose agreement, which is the root cause of dissatisfaction and complacency for custodial services in churches and schools. The SFM model is a win-win agreement where the customer controls cost and level of service. Though we do not perform custodial services for all of our customers, we do manage the custodial services of all our customers, and we demand a contract model that works to the benefit of all.


SFM employs a wide array of technicians ranging from semi-skilled laborers to highly-trained and certified specialists.  Some technicians are dedicated to a specific client site, some are roaming.  We are licensed and capable in the performance of nearly every skill set required to maintain and repair every building component.  This includes, but is not limited to:  Mechanical trades (including all HVAC, plumbing, and irrigation); Electrical trades (not only including lighting and plug loads, but a vast array of fire alarm, security, data, phone and access control); Door Hardware; and General Carpentry.  These services, delivered in the SFM cost-plus model, represent an extraordinary cost savings compared to traditional out-source service providers.


The cornerstone of the SFM model is our management approach that includes:

  1. Site Facility Manager, trained in the SFM methods and working either full-time or part-time for the client.  This Site Facility Manager acts on behalf of the client, just like their own employee, implementing the most cost-effective means for meeting needs.
  2. Management Support, delivered in increments of need according to the specialty delivered.  Most often, this is the Senior Manager whose primary role is quality assurance on behalf of the client.   But the wealth of experience among all of the SFM managers is shared to the benefit of all of our clients

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