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Services we offer

Facility Management

SFM's systematic model of facility management delivers a standardized method of management and maintenance to your organization.

Custodial Services

SFM applies our unique cost-plus model to custodial services for those existing customers who want to maintain control of employee benefits and quality control.

Software Solutions

All clients have access to our proprietary map-based facility management software and asset replacement forecasting tools

Service Audits

Examine how your staffing and scheduling can be adjusted to meet your quality expectations and budgetary demands.

Facility Management Consulting

Learn how to better understand the unknowns of facility management and create a culture of high expectations for your facility staff and service vendors.

Upcoming Events

Sign up to attend our free Verbal De-escalation Training

Learn how to manage potentially confrontational situations and communicate with individuals who present a potential risk to your organization.

  • TRAINING TOPIC: Verbal De-escalation
  • DATE: Wednesday, October 3, 2018
  • TIME: 9:30 AM to Noon
  • WHERE: Cathedral of the Incarnation ~ Fleming Center
    2015 West End Ave.
    Nashville, TN 37203
    Parking is located behind the Cathedral church and across the street of Terrace Place in designated Cathedral Parking Only spaces.
  • Cost: Free

In collaboration with Open Table Nashville and Cathedral of the Incarnation, SFM is pleased to offer a free professional development opportunity for all area facility management professionals, school and church staff, and volunteers.

    The discussion will address real-life examples such as:
  • A strange car in the parking lot with someone in it
  • A stranger in the school library. Get them to leave.
  • Someone comes to the church door asking for a handout - becomes aggressive
  • Panhandlers in the parking lot at dismissal
  • Upset parent in the school office
  • Upset person told they can’t park in a specific area during an event
  • A Strange person walking around the school/church grounds
SFM CEO Chris Corby leading a training

If you are interested in attending this free event please send your name, job title, and email address to or use the signup form below.

Some of our clients

Why non-profit organizations?

Aren’t the facility needs of most types of industries the same as the facility needs for non-profits? The truth is... yes. But SFM’s singular focus is not about the buildings. It is about the people who occupy the buildings. Non-profit organizations usually share very similar cultures, and the characteristics of these cultures are different from the typical for-profit world.

SFM knows those cultures. We share the desire to make a difference in the world, and we understand that every mission benefits from professionalism and good stewardship.

    Here are some of the typical characteristics of the non-profit world:
  • Owner occupied facilities
  • The buildings and grounds are often the largest asset on the balance sheet
  • There is a strong commitment to long term stewardship of the buildings
  • There is a board of volunteers who drive this long term commitment
  • The administration and staff are committed to the mission
  • There is a mission to make a difference in the world
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Why Outsource with SFM?

  • Flexible staffing options
  • Maintain quality control
  • Maintain budgetary oversite
  • Eliminate your human resource burden
  • Change the culture of your facility department

Client satisfaction data

Reported the maintenance department effectively addressed requests and concerns

Reported the maintenance team was eager to understand and support client needs

Reported the building was kept clean (this includes other custodial providers managed by SFM)

Reported the buildings and grounds were conducive to quality education

Based on compiled 2018 surveys of customers who work and teach in SFM managed buildings

Any questions about SFM?

Get in touch if you have any questions about how SFM can help you and your facility.