Since 1998, the mission of SFM is to be the preeminent model of facility management and maintenance for schools, churches, and other non-profits. To achieve this, our undeterred vision is to excel in the areas of:




For every one of our clients, while their facilities represent the single greatest

physical asset of their organization, the facilities themselves are not their focus.  

Rather, the facilities are a tool to achieve the mission, and the procurement of

facility services are only important inasmuch as they support the true

mission-critical components of the organization.  

Each organization purchases facility services, whether through in-house staff or

through outsource providers.  Each organization is faced with the question of

stewardship of the resources: what is the most effective and efficient means to 

purchase facility services?


The SFM Model sets us apart.  In a  unique and elegant​ blend of in-house and outsource services, SFM provides labor and material in a completely transparent, cost-plus model.  

Partnering with Non-Profits Since 1998