Why SFM?

Why Choose SFM?

  • Mission - Facility management and maintenance is what we do. We know the culture and best practices of this industry. Our customers value this expertise.
  • Non Profits - We understand the non-profit culture and the nuances of shifting from an in-house approach of purchasing facility services.
  • Flexibility/Control – We charge for our services in a unique, transparent, cost-plus model where the customer participates in establishing the “cost” portion of the equation. Not only do you get to control how your dollars are being allocated, but you have extraordinary flexibility to purchase more or less of those hours to meet fluctuating needs.
  • Trust - The linchpin of the SFM model is transparency. Our people work for your best outcome. There are no hidden incentives or deals with other providers/suppliers.
  • Stability - SFM standard procedures demand documentation of information and redundancy of staff so your institutional knowledge remains YOUR institutional knowledge. Having a consistent facility management company with experience in navigating transitions insulates you from major losses in institutional knowledge if there is turnover in the position.
  • Systems/Methods - We take industry best practices and turn them into Standard Operating Procedures. These SOPs are in a dynamic state of always being created, implemented and improved. A significant component of our SOPs includes unlimited access to our web-based facility management tools:
  • SFM.Connect™ - a sophisticated facility management software that tracks and processes work requests, recurring schedules, technician time, costs, and equipment history.
  • SFM.Forecast™ - an innovative tool for long range planning of asset replacements.
  • MapPlug™ - MapPlug lets you import your buildings' floor plans and add the specific locations for all your critical assets, along with instructions that anyone can understand.
  • Culture of Improvement - To be the preeminent provider of facility management, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our offerings, our methods and our people. The SFM management structure includes an exceptional commitment to continuing professional development.
  • This includes training and tracking via online tools like SafeSchools™ and Lynda.com®, and a systematic sharing of knowledge among our many Facility Managers, Maintenance Supervisors, and Technicians.
  • Facility managers perform at their peak when they are continually and systematically mentored, supervised, and challenged. The SFM model provides for this need with a Senior Manager assigned to each customer. With millions of building square feet in our umbrella, this Senior Manager model is how we ensure the delivery of unparalleled expertise.
  • Customer Service - While our employees endear themselves to the communities they serve, they never lose site of the “customer” relationship. Especially for support staff, the institution is best served by personnel who have strong loyalty, yet do not consider themselves as being served by the organization. The SFM model strikes the best balance of this nuanced relationship.
  • Confidence - It is relatively easy to compare the direct costs of services between the SFM model and the in-house model of purchasing facility services. But it is not easy to compare the indirect costs. How do you measure the value of confidence? That is, the confidence you will have with SFM as your partner in facility issues and solutions? How does one become the master of everything that you face regarding the safe, secure, healthy, aesthetic, efficient, and effective functioning of your buildings and grounds? One doesn’t. Many do. And this is how we deliver confidence.
  • In-Source Model - Transparency, Cost-Plus, Flexibility, Customer Service… these are all components of our unique model where we take the best of the in-house model and the best of the typical outsource model and blend them into what we like to call the SFM In-Source Model.

Compare the models

In House

Owner Control
Supervision & training
Cost control
Limited expertise
On-site staff
Limited resources
Staff flexibility for tasks
Purchased in 40 hour increments
Fixed Budget
Long term labor burden costs
Difficult to change when not working
No staff incentive to excel


Expert work
No cost control
"Customer" relationship
High hourly rates
No HR burden
Material cost mark-ups
Large labor pool
Inflexible off site labor force
Only pay for hours needed
Easy to change

The SFM Model

Keep your current staff
Expert, professional work
Customer relationship
No HR burden
Large labor pool
Pay only for hours needed
Easy to change
Owner controls process
Owner controls cost
Staff is on-site
Staff is flexible
Fixed budget

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