Facility Management for Churches

Why do churches choose SFM?

  • Follow your mission - Your calling was to serve the church and its parishioners, not to make seemingly endless decisions regarding building maintenance.
  • Advise church committees - We are able to partner with your property and finance committees to present a complete perspective of your facilities and the associated budgetary needs.
  • Retain your institutional knowledge - Long-time church employees are likely to have decades of institutional knowledge. SFM is able to capture that knowledge and insure all building information is made available for future church leadership.
  • Individualized supervision - For lone facility managers it’s difficult for them to gain access to training, supervising, or even basic collaboration. SFM offers ongoing supervision and professional development opportunities.

Services for your church

Facility Management

SFM's systematic model of facility management delivers a standardized method of management and maintenance to your organization.

Technical Services

SFM has a complete technical division with licensed electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers, carpenters, and door hardware specialist.

Custodial Services

SFM applies our unique cost-plus model to custodial services for those customers who want to maintain control of employee benefits and quality control.

Software Solutions

Clients get access to our proprietary map-based facility management software and asset replacement forecasting tools

Service Audits

Examine how your staffing and scheduling can be adjusted to meet your quality expectations and budgetary demands.

Facility Management Consulting

Learn how to better understand the unknowns of facility management and create a culture of high expectations for your facility staff and service vendors.

Questions about insourcing with SFM?

We'd love to answer them

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