Technical Services

SFM provides technical services, including a wide variety of licensed trade work, in the areas where we can provide value for our customers.

Sometimes, this means that our employee is full-time dedicated to providing maintenance work for a single customer. For some of our customers, there are multiple maintenance technicians who who work full-time, dedicated to this single customer.

We also have roaming technicians, going from customer site to customers site.

All of our technicians are W-2 wage earning employees of SFM. They wear our uniforms or the uniforms of the organization at which they work. They are appropriately licensed for the work they are performing. They are all appropriately background checked to comply with the stricter state laws that apply for working on the site of a school (most service providers are not even aware of these laws).

Our service technicians work exclusively for our SFM customers. We do not take service calls from the general public, and we do not do one-off service calls.

SFM also provides custodial services in our unique transparent cost-plus model. We provide custodial services exclusively for our full-service facility management customers, who value the control they have of the wages earned by those actually doing the work on their site.

Services include:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Low voltage electrical, such as security and fire alarms
  • Door hardware
  • Carpentry

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