Fresh Perspective Standard Operating Procedure

What's the best way to double check your building's health? Get a facility manager from another facility to review your operations.

SFM is comprised of professionals who have countless years of management and facilities related experience.  Almost daily a SFM manager sends a company-wide email requesting advice on a product, service, or facility related situation.  Within our system of standard operating procedures, the Fresh Perspective Inspection SOP formalizes this collaboration.

Once a year, campuses are offered insight from the perspective of a facility manager who is not familiar with their campus.  We have found no one is more qualified to inspect a building and provide input than a seasoned facility manager who is removed from the day to day operations.

In order to be as effective and efficient as possible, Instructions to the inspecting manager are very clear.  They are provided keys/access card, ID, map, and directions to the inspection location. The campus facility manager does NOT accompany the inspecting FM.  The inspecting FM is expected to move quickly through the inspection space and be finished in roughly an hour and a half. Inspection notes will only include necessary improvements and/or repairs.   A solutions-based conversation between the managers can take place in person at the conclusion of the inspection.

Instructions for the host facility manager are also precise.  The actual inspection is not a brainstorming session with a colleague or an opportunity to conduct a team inspection.  The notes from the inspecting manager are added to the agenda for the next meeting between the site facility manager and the site senior manager.  

As an added incentive, some of our customers have discovered that Fresh Perspective Inspections create the opportunity to test the readiness of their visitor check-in protocol.  Members of the office staff are made aware that the inspecting manager is on campus, but as they walk around they keep visitor identification concealed.  This is not an initiative  SFM Managers undertake without the partnership of school or church administration.

Host facility managers are constantly impressed at how much they learn from these inspections.  They use the information gathered from the inspection to both steer conversations with the customer and preemptively correct concerns.  Customers are pleased with the attention to detail and low-cost access facility management expertise and consultation.

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About SFM

Since 1998, the mission of SFM is to be the preeminent model of facility management and maintenance for schools, churches, and other non-profits. The SFM model sets us apart from other facility management companies. SFM has developed a unique and systematic approach to managing in-house and outsource services.

The strength of SFM is formed from the diversity of skills, collective knowledge, and the shared network of our facility management team. All members of our team are constantly striving to meet the unique needs of our customers. This blog offers an opportunity to share some of the collective conversations and learning experiences taking place every day at SFM.